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“A Walk On The River” Director and Producer Talk Race and History in San Antonio

Written by on July 18, 2018

WALK ON THE RIVER: A Black Historical Commentary of the Alamo City

Today the Director, Producer, and PR head of the upcoming documentary Walk On the River stopped in for an interview on the Dr. Doug show. They talked about the history of the project and some of their favorite stories they cover in the film.

Check out the full interview below:

Read more about the documentary below and find out how to get tickets to the premiere on August 17th:

A documentary, highlighting the the history and contributions of African Americans in the city of San Antonio, TX.

Join us Friday August 17, 2018 for the first public showing of “Walk on the River- A Black History of the Alamo City” at the Historic Carver Cultural Center- 226 North Hackberry Street San Antonio. This is an official Tricentennial 300 year celebration event. Doors open at 6pm. Purchase your tickets at

This documentary; “Walk on the River” is created by the makers of “Message to the People: A Story of Malcolm X” produced by Baba Aundar Ma’at and directed by Born Logic Allah for Melaneyes Media. With the success of “Message to the People” (2017) Aundar and Logic wanted to bring their next project closer to home. 

“We wanted to do a film that would directly impact our own community. This project is something we’d talked about doing a few times before and we came to the conclusion that the right time for it is now.” says Born Logic, Director of the film.

This film is produced by Melaneyes Media which is an independently Black owned and operated company. Because we don’t have major funding or backing from a larger financial institution; we are choosing to pay for this project with our own resources coupled with contributions from supporters and fans. 

“This is very important to us. It allows us to keep creative control of our projects, ownership of the products we make and sell. Self financing also insulates us from outside entities that might try to influence or distort the narratives we choose to tell. Melaneyes Media is devoted creating culturally enriching, educational Black films and videos; so we are committed to developing more films like Message to the People and Walk On The River in the future.”

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