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Black History Month – And on this Day………

Written by on February 19, 2019

And on this day in 1878 – Thomas Edison received a patent for the phonograph or the record player – now wait – we know he’s not black but this invention caused a lot of black folks to become rich and famous.

And on this day in 1940 – Singer, songwriter and producer William Smokey Robinson was born in Detroit, Michigan.  And on his 18th birthday, Motown released the first single by The Miracles called “Got a Job” in response to the song “Get A Job” by the Silhouettes.  At age 4, Smokey wrote his first song.

And on this day in 1977 – Stevie Wonder won two Grammys, named the best male pop vocalist and he won the best LP for songs in The Key of Life.

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