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This Saturday, on November 2nd, we will break ground on a new $500 million Women and Children’s Tower at University Hospital with plans to open in late 2022. Preserving our Culture and Heritage Two weeks ago, we opened the Bexar County Heritage Center which is free and open to the public. The Center is located in […]

The news comes amid six deaths and an explosion of concern over using vaping and e-cigarette devices nationwide. SAN ANTONIO — Amid national concern over several sudden cases of vaping-related hospitalizations, including in South Texas, San Antonio Metro Health is confirming that e-cigarettes have led to two cases of severe lung disease in Bexar County.  […]

Bananas are nature’s version of candy: they’re so naturally sweet that they make anything you pair them with taste like dessert, albeit a much healthier version of it. When you consider the versatility, portability, affordability, and tastiness of the humble banana, it’s not exactly shocking to see that global production of the tropical fruit is […]

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