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FCC Wins Amendments to SAWS Utility Service Regulations

Written by on June 7, 2018

A resolution was passed by SAWS Board of Trustees approving amendments to the SAWS Utility Service Regulations in favor of small businesses. The Single Customer Extension Payment Plan assists individual customers with the costs for SAWS’ extension of water and wastewater services to their residence or small business. This payment plan applies to single-family residential or small business commercial lots. Much of the credit for develping the amendment goes to Jamie Rios of Jamie’s Mexican Restaurant, who was one of the small businesses most impacted.

TC Calvert, Fair Contracting Coalition Chairman, also called for City Council and SAWS Board of Trustees to develop new policy on waiving impact fees for Small, Women, Minority and Veteran Owned Businesses like they do for major corporations.

FCC leadership team members in attendance included FCC Chairman TC Calvert, Floyd Wilson former VP of Frost Bank, Candy Vazquez of New York Life, Rosie Baca and Mia Landeros from Neighborhoods First Alliance, Lucille Scott from Colosseum Willow Park Neighborhood Association, and Marilyn Washington of the Harvard Place Eastlawn Organization.

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