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Local Occupy ICE Movement Camp Cicada Regrouping after Police Orders to Vacate

Written by on August 8, 2018

The local Occupy ICE movement, known as Camp Cicada, Tweeted from their official Twitter handle @abolishICEsatx, on Tuesday, August 7th to alert nationwide Occupy ICE protestors of police orders issued to vacate the premise the very next day, Wednesday, August 8th.  Camp Cicada, outside San Antonio’s ICE facility at 3523 Crosspoint, has grown steadily since its installation last month.

They have since pinned a Tweet alerting supporters they have “de-camped and left” and “Do not go to Camp now,” as the group, an extension of the national Occupy ICE movement, calling for the dissolution of ICE and for solidarity with immigrants seeking asylum, takes steps to regroup.

Camp Cicada, a concept that has taken roots since the Trump administration’s recently imposed “zero tolerance policy,” endured an attacked by the Texas-based white supremacist, fascist and neo-Nazi group Texas Front last month.  Yesterday’s orders to vacate came after previously receiving authorization to be on sight.


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