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San Antonio Local and National News – January 23, 2019

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And in local news:

Many homeless people in San Antonio are overwhelmed by the transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency, which is why Last Chance Ministries is creating a community of tiny transitional houses, ensuring success for those who truly want it.

To some people, the 10- by 12-foot house doesn’t look like much, but to a homeless person, it’s a dream come true.

The program runs on donations and volunteers. Each house, like the one covered by sponsors like Hope Garcia, costs $5,000.

Currently, Last Chance Ministries needs sponsors for three more houses. The ministry is also looking for help furnishing the homes.

The current houses, which inhabitants can live in for three months, are for single people right now, but in the future, the ministry hopes to build more houses to accommodate families. 

The ministry is also asking for volunteers who are willing to teach a range of skills at the resource center on the property.

Anyone with a desire to help can call Last Chance Ministries at (210) 227-4451 or go to for more information.



In National News

THE SUPREME COURT ON Monday ruled that the Pentagon may continue limiting transgender people from serving openly in the military, pending ongoing lawsuits in lower courts advocating for their continued right to do so.

The ruling is a provisional victory for President Donald Trump, who has sought to re-impose a ban his predecessor President Barack Obama overturned in 2016.



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