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San Antonio Local & National – February 19, 2019

Written by on February 19, 2019

In Local News

KROV and the City of San Antonio, invite you to attend an important meeting this evening – February 19 at 5pm at the downtown main San Antonio Library…

Along with its partners and members of the community, the City of San Antonio is developing a Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP).

The CAAP will lay a roadmap to reduce carbon emissions, adapt to a changing climate, and ensure San Antonio remains a healthy, vibrant place for generations to come.

To share your voice and get involved attend this important meeting this evening – February 19 at 5pm at the downtown main San Antonio Library

For more information; call 210-228-0201

Together, we are building solutions to prepare our city for climate change.



In National News –

A new report illustrates a troubling trend of veterans committing suicide on VA hospital campuses after receiving inadequate care from individual facilities.

Nineteen suicides have occurred on VA campuses from October 2017 to November 2018 ― seven of them in parking lots, according to data the Washington Post obtained from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Some are worried that this is a gruesome form of protest by veterans to highlight how little help they were given in their time of need by the VA system.

On Thursday, the Post published an investigation into this phenomenon featuring both big-picture concerns about mental-health services offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs and stories about veterans who took their lives after attempting to get treatment from their local VA hospitals.

The Silent War rages on in the minds of many of our Disabled veterans!



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