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San Antonio Local & National News – February 28, 2019

Written by on February 28, 2019

In Local News –

Current marijuana laws in Texas and here at home in San Antonio are harsh, unreasonable, and ineffective.

In 2016, our state arrested more than 66,000 for the simple possession of marijuana, a substance we know to be objectively safer that alcohol, tobacco, and many pharmaceutical drugs patients are prescribed every day.

Reducing penalties for low-level marijuana possession will free up valuable criminal justice resources by eliminating the arrest, jail time, and collateral consequences currently associated with even small amounts of marijuana.

It’s time for a change! 

Call, write or visit your Texas legislators and ask them to sign on to HB 63, Rep. Joe Moody’s bill that will replace current criminal sanctions with a civil penalty, punishable by fine only with no jail or criminal record.



In National News –

Trump’s former fixer and lawyer Michael Cohen accuses Trump of being a “cheat” — inflating and In a damning depiction of Donald Trump, the president’s former lawyer on Wednesday called him as a racist and a con man who used his inner circle to cover up damaging allegations about sex, and his lies throughout the 2016 election campaign about his business interests in Russia.

Cohen, who previously pleaded guilty to lying to Congress, told lawmakers that Trump had advance knowledge and embraced the news that emails damaging to Hillary Clinton would be released during the campaign.

Shaking off constant criticism from Republicans anxious to paint him as a felon and liar, Cohen became the first Trump insider to pull back the curtain on a version of the inner workings of Trump’s political and business operations.

He called the president a “mobster” who demanded blind loyalty from his followers and expected them to lie on his behalf to conceal information and protect him — even if it meant breaking the law.



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