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San Antonio Local & National News – March 11, 2019

Written by on March 11, 2019

In Local News –

Nearly two dozen credit card skimmers were pulled from gas stations throughout San Antonio last month, police records showed.

Fraudsters target lower-grade gas pumps and ATMs to install the devices to steal customers’ credit card and bank information. Newer gas stations are using upgraded pumps that are harder to crack, but many still lag behind.

To avoid getting scammed by a skimmer, San Antonio police suggest motorists go to gas stations with updated pumps that have chip-enabled card readers and can help keep sensitive credit card information encrypted. 



In National News –

Elijah Precciely a Black child prodigy is wasting no time making his mark on the world. At just 11-years old, he is a full-time student at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is also the youngest full-ride scholarship recipient the university has ever signed.

While he just began his career as a full-time student in the 2019 spring semester, he has been taking classes at the university since he was 8 years old.

As if his academic pursuits aren’t amazing enough, Elijah has also submitted five patents on his inventions and is a published author. His book, Mission Christian: God’s Got Firsts! is based around the idea that when people know they are loved, they can accomplish great things.

His other accomplishments include preaching his first sermon at just 5-years old and hosting his own weekly radio show on WTQT 106.1 FM.

According to Elijah, his secret to his success as an 11-year old Black prodigy with a full-ride scholarship is a strong desire to learn.

“You have to have a mindset to actually know ‘Hey I have to learn this, my life depends on it,’” Elijah told ABC News. “Act like your life depends on it because it does. When you learn, you increase your life.”



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