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San Antonio Local & National News – March 5, 2019

Written by on March 5, 2019

In Local News –

Are you a single man? Have you found yourself, uuhhh… “Looking for love in all the wrong places…?”

Well… The say be careful what you ask for!

Because, You could find yourself kissing the wrong end of a 9mm Ruger.

Investigators say a woman helped coordinate the robbery of a man she lured into a bedroom.

According to arrest papers, Alyssa Nicole Lippolt, 20, was on a date with the victim and another woman when she asked the victim to join her in the bedroom.

While in the room, she reportedly sent a text to someone and several minutes later, two men rushed into the room and robbed the victim at gunpoint, The victim told officers he saw Lippolt then get into the back seat of a car with the two men after the robbery.

Lippolt is charged with aggravated robbery.



In National News –

Stories of survival have begun to trickle out of Lee County, Alabama, as the area begins the cleanup from a tornado outbreak that killed 23 people. 

Lee County was hit by two twisters, and one of them was a true monster. It was an EF-4 tornado, with winds of 170 mph. It was nearly a mile wide and churned a path of devastation for 65 miles.

Alabama is in what’s become known as Dixie Alley, a tornado-prone belt that stretches from East Texas to Georgia. As the survivors of the tornadoes pick up the pieces, they’ll have to contend with the cold, too.

An arctic blast is moving across the eastern two-thirds of the country this week, including the parts of Alabama reeling from the twisters.



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